When standard commercial or industrial devices do not meet product performance requirements or extreme environmental conditions, Central Semiconductor's Super Industrial™ products are the perfect solution.

Up-screening to meet MIL equivalent reliability standards or custom specifications is available.

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What is Super Industrial™

Super Industrial™ solutions

Super Industrial™ devices are upgraded versions of standard commercial and industrial products.

Enhancements may include:

  • Upgraded device specifications (e.g., peak current enhanced from 600mA to 1A)
  • Wider temperature ranges (from [-55°C-150°C] to [-65°C-175°C])
  • Ruggedized construction
    • Custom or semi-custom packaging
    • Enhanced interconnect
    • Enhanced wafer metallization
  • Integrated technologies/Multi Discrete Modules™
  • Up-screening to insure high reliability

from 2000km above...

space level technologies

Designed for the extreme environment in space, Central’s Super Industrial™ devices meet the most stringent space grade requirements.

...to ground level...

ground & sky level technologies

Central's Super Industrial™ devices are ideal for the harsh environment of underground applications where moisture sensitivity is a prime concern.

...to 10km below

undersea & ocean floor level technologies

Central's Super Industrial™ devices have even been designed for applications sitting on the sea floor.

Super Industrial™ benefits


How do Super Industrial™ enhancements benefit designers?

  • Improve end product tolerance to extreme environmental conditions
  • Improve product reliability
  • Provide an alternative to standard industrial or military devices

example of a Super Industrial™ solution



  • Customer's product was subjected to extreme environmental conditions and a high number of failures occurred using a commercial discrete device.


  • Central developed a new custom packaged device with improved electrical characteristics and enhanced interconnect to eliminate failures due to extreme environmental conditions.

Your design could be next.