Central has published several whitepapers and application notes:

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Fast Recovery Time in a Rectifier Diode

Is Older Technology Still Needed? (Yes!)

Designing with Bare Die Semiconductors

Measuring the Switching Time of a BJT

Current Carrying Capacity of Semiconductor Wire Bonds

Sustainable Energy Technology Using Discretes from Central

RF Frequency Mixers: Ideal Discrete Devices

MOSFETs: Basics, Operation & Ideal Applications

JFETs: Basics, Benefits, & Ideal Applications

Implementing Basic Amplification Stages with Small Signal BJTs

Enhancing PoE Devices with Schottky Bridge Rectifiers

A Cost-Effective Solution to Current Regulation

Designing Semiconductor Circuits for Trouble-Free Performance

Transient Peak Power Effect on Diodes

Practical Applications for Current Limiting Diodes

Boosting the Current Limit of Current Limiting Diodes

Current Limiting Diode Applications