Central Semiconductor will continue to produce devices proclaimed EOL (End of Life) by other manufacturers, as long as there is reasonable customer demand. This eliminates customers' costly redesign or burdensome life time buys associated with a product discontinuation. It is also possible that devices not listed could still be manufactured by Central upon special request.

For questions or requests for a custom solution, please call Central's Sales Team at: 631-435-1110, or contact your local Central Sales Rep.

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4 reasons to turn to Central before a costly redesign:


Broad range of legacy devices


Guaranteed authentic products


Exceptional service and on-time delivery


Over 3,000 products supported and in stock

ideal for many current applications

Despite limited availability, these reliable legacy devices are an ideal fit for many applications which are still regularly manufactured.

Below are just a few typical end products and applications.

popular packages & devices

Central supports over 50 through-hole packages, and continues to develop and stock devices often discontinued by other manufacturers.

hermetically sealed metal can packages

Featured Products:

central part number & datasheet description package details & samples
2N918 50mA, 15V, NPN RF Transistor TO-72
2N5179 50mA, 12V, NPN RF Transistor TO-72
2N2857 40mA, 15V, NPN RF Transistor TO-72

axial leaded packages

Featured Products:

central part number & datasheet description package details & samples
1N5062 1.0A, 800V, Glass Passivated Rectifier GPR-1A
1N5554 3.0A, 1000V, Glass Passivated Rectifier GPR-4AM
CPR5U-040 5.0A, 200V thru 600V, Glass Passivated Ultra Fast Rectifiers GPR-4AM

epoxy molded packages

did your previous supplier discontinue a product you still require?

Central may still manufacture and stock an equivalent device.
Use Central's part number cross-reference advanced search to locate an equivalent part:

Discontinued Part Number Cross Reference

master diminshing source EOL life support product listing report

Match parts discontinued by other manufacturers to Central parts.
This regularly updated document directs you to the ideal Central equivalent.

Diminishing Source Product Support Listing