All of Central's product and service-based literature is located here in digital form for your convenience and is sorted by category below.

Literature includes complete selection guides of product specifications, package options, latest product guides, FastFact informational sheets on product families, and possible custom service capabilities for designers requiring a custom solution.

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standard products

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New Products & Solutions


A single page listing of Central's latest featured new products and solutions.

Featured Current Limiting Diodes


A single page listing of Central's latest featured current limiting diodes (CLDs).

Package Options Guide


Online guide listing all of Central's standard package options available for surface mount and through-hole products.

Legacy Discrete FastFacts


A single page brief to Central's diminishing source discrete products, package types, and potential applications.

Bare Die Product Guide


Online guide featuring Central's standard services and custom capabilities, part numbering nomenclature, selection guide of product specifications with interactive links to part details, and standard gross die per wafer. Individual sections available here.

Bare Die Packing Options


Details complete explanation of potential packing options for bare die product, including sawn wafers on plastic ring, unsawn wafers, and waffle tray packs. Central packing part number nomenclature also included.

SMD Selection Guide


Online guide including Central's full line of surface mount products with links to all online datasheets for each part number. Individual sections available here.

EOL Device Cross Reference


Comprehensive listing of other manufacturers' products that have gone EOL (end of life) cross referenced to Central device numbers.

custom products & solutions

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High-Reliability Product Brochure


A guide to Central's high-reliability up-screening solutions, including MIL-PRF equivalents and customer-specific SCDs. Test flows for various levels included.

Super Industrial Brochure


A guide to Central's Super Industrial products, designed for extreme environments that standard products cannot handle.

Multi-Discrete Modules FastFacts


A single page brief explaning MDM™ products, potential package options, and possible device combinations.

Explore the Possibilities FastFacts


A single page brief touching upon various custom service capabilities of Central's Engineering team, including previous success story solutions for customers.

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