Spam List Information

If you are viewing this page, you have probably been referred here after having trouble emailing Central Semiconductor. Your emails that are sent to Central are being blocked because the internet service provider that handles your email is listed on one or more junk email (spam) blacklists. A spam blacklist is a list of systems known to send junk email (spam), or allows junk email to be easily sent, with no method of identifying the senders. These blacklists are maintained by third parties, and not by Central Semiconductor. Central uses these blacklists to filter and reduce the amount of junk mail that passes through our systems. You must take action and contact your email or internet service provider to fix this problem. Only your internet or email provider can request for removal from these lists. Please review the following information below, or refer your internet service provider to this information.

  • Central does not submit names, web sites or internet addresses to spam registries.
  • Central does not maintain or manage any type of spam registry list.
  • Central makes use of commercial products that use listings available to the public.
  • Listings are not specific to a single company or organization, they are specific to the email system that is being used to send the email. This may be your internal company email server, or the server operated by your internet service provider.
  • The organization, internet service provider (ISP) whose system is blacklisted is the only organization who can contact the maintainer of the blacklist to be removed. If you or your organization run your own mail server, you will have to inform whoever maintains your mail server so they can fix it and remove it from the list.
    • Central can not have the listing removed.
    • The affected company or organization can not have the listing removed
  • If there are 400 companies using a single server operated by an internet service provider whose system has been listed on the blacklists, then all 400 companies are affected by the blacklist.
  • Central will make temporary exceptions (30 days) for specific email addresses that are brought to our attention. This will allow time for you to contact your ISP or service provider with this information, and for them to take action. Please contact your representative or sales manager by telephone or fax if you have not already been in contact with them.
  • Again, only the email server operator or internet service provider can request for the listing to be removed:
    • Once the service provider or ISP fixes the problem that caused them to be added to the blacklist (usually a system sending verified spam emails or capable of being used for criminal purposes), they can submit a request for removal.
    • Generally, it takes less than 24 hours to be removed from a blacklist once the problem is fixed.

Spam Lists & Resources

The following information and links are provided as a reference only. Site for looking up multiple spam listings for a single address. note that you must have the ip address to type into the form. The address provided when you visit this link is the address your web browser appears to come from on the internet, and may not be the address of the mail system with the spam issue.

Spamhaus: maintainers of the SBL and XBL Blacklists

SpamCop: maintainers of the SPAMCOP Blacklist


If you need to contact Central Semiconductor, you may do so using the address below, or by using the telephone and fax number provided at the bottom of this page.

postmaster AT centralsemi DOT com (Replace the AT with @ , and replace the DOT with .)