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press release
Central Announces New Super Junction MOSFETs
Central Semiconductor announces the introduction of several new 650V Super Junction N-Channel MOSFETs designed for high-voltage, fast-switching applications. The latest additions are available in TO-220FP packaging.
press release
Central Announces New GaN FETs
The new GaN FETs are engineered for maximum efficiency and speed. The devices are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including wireless charging for defense, aerospace, healthcare, and consumer electronics markets.
press release
Central Semiconductor announces new HyperFast Rectifiers, ideal for use with Super Junction MOSFETs
These through-hole hyper-fast recovery rectifiers packaged in the TO-247 provide outstanding performance and couple perfectly with Centrals upcoming line of Super junction MOSFETs.
press release
New Product: Spacellite MOSFETs Ideal for Low Earth Orbit Applications
Central Semiconductor has launched its highly anticipated Spacellite series with two space-grade devices. Both the CSLLDM22011-225F and CSLCDM22011-225F are N-Channel MOSFETs rated at 225V 11A, and are expected to be major contributors to the satellite market and other Hi-Rel solutions.
Article: Is Older Technology Still Needed?
As seen in Electronics Sourcing North America, March 2023: Central Semiconductor's Director of Marketing & Sales Operations, Tom Donofrio, explains distribution can be a vital resource to extend older technology component lifecycles.
AEM Acquires Central Semiconductor
Central Semiconductor has been acquired by AEM, a portfolio company of International Growth Partners. AEM designs and manufacturers mission-critical passive circuit protection components through their A&D and commercial divisions. Central Semiconductor will function as a separate, stand-alone division of AEM.
Al Simon Promoted to President of Central Semiconductor
Al Simon has been promoted to President of Central Semiconductor. Throughout Al's ten years as Central's VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing, he has had a major impact on his business units. Al has also made significant contributions to many other areas of the business and helped shape Central's focus on discrete solutions.
Discrete Solutions for your Design Challenges
As seen in DENA (Design Electronics North America) - the support designers require: Commercial | Super Industrial | High-Rel | Standard Products | Semi-Custom Solutions | Design Solutions
Design Solutions for your Product Requirements
As seen in Markt & Technik Electronica 2022 Show Daily Issue. Central Semiconductor takes pride in developing the custom devices that other manufacturers won't take the time to consider. Designers know they can rely on Central's engineering team to explore the possibilities of the latest design challenges, and deliver exceptional quality solutions.
Semi-Custom Services Beyond Design for Discretes
As seen in Markt & Technik Electronica 2022 Show Daily Issue. In addition to developing customer-specific solutions at the design level, Central provides multiple services beyond design to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Your vision is our mission, just ask.
Solutions for Extreme Environments
As seen in Markt & Technik Electronica 2022 Show Daily Issue. Central offers in-house up-screening solutions to ensure the highest quality devices for the most demanding high reliability applications. To best suit the constantly changing requirements of designers, up-screening and complete design solutions are available for both bare die and packaged devices.
Your Solutions Provider for Standard & Custom Discretes
As seen in DENA (Design Electronics North America: Since 1974, Central Semiconductor has been the go-to manufacturer for customers around the world who want innovative and reliable discrete semiconductors. Your vision is our mission, just ask.
press release
New Product: Zero Temperature Coefficient Current Limiting Diodes
Central Semiconductor Corp. introduces its new line of Zero Temperature Coefficient (ZTC) current limiting diodes (CLDs) packaged in the DPAK case. The new CDCLD series of devices is designed to meet designers' requirements to maintain a constant current over a wide voltage range, with the added benefit of extreme stability over a wide temperature range.
When Damage From High Power Transients Is Not An Option
As seen in Electronics Sourcing Europe: Central Semiconductor's new CAK3-012C and CAK6-042C series transient voltage suppressors.
press release
New Product: CAK Series High Voltage Transient Voltage Suppressors
Central Semiconductor Corp., introduces its CAK3-012C & CAK6-042C series of 5G bi-directional transient voltage suppressors (TVS). These TVS devices are designed to meet designers requirements for protection of voltage sensitive components from high energy transients that are most directly associated with lightning strikes and inductive load switching.
Featured Latest Products
As seen in Electronics Sourcing: Central's latest four product releases, including the SMC DFN Schottky rectifiers, CBRDFA4-100 Power Bridge Rectifiers, and the CMJA5050 Adjustable Current Limiting Diode.
press release
New Product: CMDFSHC3-100 & CMDFHSC5-100 Schottky Rectifiers
Central Semiconductor Corp., introduces its latest 100V low profile Schottky rectifiers: the 3A CMDFSHC3-100 and the 5A CMDFSHC5-100. These energy efficient devices are packaged in the low profile SMC DFN surface mount case, and utilize highly reliable passivated silicon die.
application brief
New Application: Wireless Charger
Wireless chargers have become a popular technology to simplify charging portable electronic products. Current models function through the use of an electromagnetic induction field generated around a primary coil, which is induced via efficient and rapid switching MOSFETs.
Your Solution Provider for Custom Discretes
As seen in Markt & Technik Magazine during Electronica 2020.
press release
New Product: CBRDFA4-100, 1000V Bridge Rectifier
Central Semiconductor Corp.introduces the CBRDFA4-100, a 4.0A, 1000V full wave bridge rectifier with a glass passivated die. This device features the low profile (1.55mm) BR DFN-A package.
Featured Latest Products
As seen in Electronics Sourcing: Central's latest four product releases include the CMJA5050 Adjustable Current Limiting Diode, Redesigned and Refined JFETs, Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier die, and the low profile CBRDFSH Schottky Bridge Rectifier series.
press release
New Product: Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier bare die
Central Semiconductor has introduced introduces its new portfolio of Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier die. Optimized for high temperature applications, these devices are available in both 650V and 1200V, with a current range of 4A to 30A for 650V devices, and 2A and 50A for 1,200V devices.
press release
New Product: CMJA5050 Adjustable Current Limiting Diode
Central Semiconductor has released its new adjustable current limiting diode, the CMJA5050. This 50V device features adjustable current regulation from 50mA to 80mA, and is packaged in the new DFN123F package.
application brief
Article: Enhancing PoE Devices with Schottky Bridge Rectifiers
Central's latest article examines the how the CBRDFSH Schottky Bridge Rectifiers are the ideal choice for power over ethernet (PoE) devices.
application brief
New Application: Alarm Sensor
Security systems are an extremely important component of protecting any building and the contents, whether it be residential, retail, or other. This brief highlights various featured devices ideal for the receiver and main console of alarm sensor circuits.
press release
New Product: CBRDFSH Schottky Bridge Rectifiers
Central Semiconductor has released its family of CBRDFSH Schottky bridge rectifiers in the low profile BR DFN package. Ideal for any application requiring a space saving and energy efficient Schottky bridge rectifier, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) and intelligent lighting.
EE World Online at APEC 2019: A custom-made power semiconductor?
"Is it really practical to customize a semiconductor component when it's still being built on a wafer?" Central Semiconductor's Director of Marketing & Sales Operations explains how Central provides complete, customized solutions to customers. Explore some of Central's capabilities with this excellent video from APEC 2019 in Anaheim, CA.
press release
Super Industrial Solutions
Super Industrial Solutions for the harshest environmental concerns experienced by designers of end-products used in adverse conditions.
press release
Central's Revised Website Helps Designers Find Solutions
Central Semiconductor today launched a new solutions-focused version of its website.
Custom Discrete Solutions
As seen in Design World Magazine
Legacy Discrete Products
As seen in Electronics Sourcing North America Magazine.
Leadership in Engineering 2018
As seen in Design World Magazine's 2018 Leadership in Engineering issue.
Leadership in Engineering 2017
As seen in Design World Magazine's 2017 Leadership in Engineering issue.
press release
Distribution Agreement Signed with Avnet & Avnet USI
Central Semiconductor is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Avnet, Inc. and USI Electronics, leading global technology distributors.
Electronica 2016 Preview
As seen in ECN Magazine.