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In addition to outlining how to place an order with Central Semiconductor Corp., this section also explains part number nomenclature that appears on correspondence, other documents, and labels.


Central continues to support tin/lead plating for a portion of devices in its portfolio. If a plating preference is not specified (i.e. the "Either" plating option is selected on Central's website), "TIN/LEAD" will be the default device plating, if in stock. If you wish to order devices with lead free plating, please specify "PBFREE" when you order.

If TIN/LEAD through-hole devices are not in stock, this plating option may still be available, however minimum quantities may apply. Please consult with your Central sales representative.

If TIN/LEAD surface mount devices are not in stock, this plating option is currently not available.

placing orders directly with Central:

  1. Contact your local Central sales representative to request a quotation and availability of devices. Specify "TIN/LEAD" or "PBFREE." If you have no preference for device plating, specify "Either." Please also specify if all devices must be the same plating type.

  2. You will receive a quotation from Central showing the requested part number(s), with the addition of a "TIN/LEAD" or PBFREE" suffix, based on availability. "BK," "TR," "SL," or "H" may also be present in the part number, and these are defined below. If "Either" was chosen at the plating selection stage, the plating of the device will be indicated on the quote with either a "TIN/LEAD" or "PBFREE" suffix, depending on which plating is available.

  3. When submitting a purchase order to Central, please use the part number including the "TIN/LEAD," "PBFREE," or other nomenclature specified on the quotation (i.e. CMKT2222A PBFREE, PN2222A TIN/LEAD).

  4. Once an order is accepted, Central will provide an order acknowledgement, which will include the plating of the device, allowing a second opportunity for review. If "Either" was chosen at the plating selection stage, the plating of your device will be indicated on the order acknowledgment with a suffix of either "TIN/LEAD" or "PBFREE," depending on which plating is available.

  5. Invoices will be generated as items on order ship from Central.

  6. Additional suffix definitions:
    BK - Bulk Packed
    TR - Tape and Reel
    SL - Sleeve Packed

entering online sample requests:

  1. Search for a device using the quick part number search at the top right of the page.

  2. The following results page will appear. Note the "Request Sample Quantity & Plating" section located in the green box at the right. To ensure the plating type you need, select "PBFREE" for lead-free devices, "TIN/LEAD" for lead devices, or "Either" if you have no preference. A Central representative will confirm the latest availability of your plating choice.

  1. After clicking on "Request Samples" at the bottom right, you will next see the shopping cart screen, at which point you may select "Submit this Request" to complete the sample order.

ordering from a franchised or authorized Central distributor:

Central's Franchised and Authorized distributors may use different nomenclature to indicate the device plating, which may or may not be included in the part number. For further information about device plating, please inquire with your Central distributor.
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