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Glucose Meter

The ability to consistently monitor blood sugar levels is critical to the proper management of diabetes. Today's sophisticated analyzers require greater functionality, enhanced accuracy and greatly improved battery life. To facilitate these modern designs, Central has developed devices that offer extremely small package size coupled with exceptional energy efficiency.

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Hearing Aid

Impaired hearing is a growing global concern. Current trends in hearing assistance devices demand smaller, higher performing designs with extended battery life. Central manufactures a host of products that assist designers in achieving these objectives.

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Pulse Oximeter

A current trend in medical equipment development is to condense larger diagnostic devices into smaller and lighter interactive mobile units. The pulse oximeter indirectly monitors the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood and is the latest apparatus to be streamlined and available for home use. The pulse oximeter utilizes light to measure hemoglobin conditions and when attached to a monitor, stores and exchanges critical patient data. Central's small outline and high efficiency product offering is ideally suited for the demands of these new technologies.

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