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Bare die and wafer devices

Central Semiconductor Corp. has been in the business of manufacturing through-hole discrete semiconductors since 1974; surface mounted devices were added to Central's product portfolio in 1987. In 1996, Central entered the hybrid market to fill the void left after the departure of several manufacturers from the bare die market. These listings feature Central's standard processes available in bare die. Full wafer or chip tray packing options are available.

Devices include:

• Diodes
• Rectifiers
• Transistors
• Protection Devices
• Thyristors

Enter either a principle device type (2N2222A), base device number (2222A) or a Central process number (CP191) and a drop down will result.

Bare Die Screen Graphic
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Bare die and Wafer part number guide and packing options PDF

Wafer ring and frame specification list PDF

For additional information please contact your local sales representative