Super Junction Silicon MOSFETs

Super Junction Silicon MOSFETs

650V | 4.7A, 7.3A, 10A, 13.8A, 29A


Central's new Super Junction devices are silicon N-Channel MOSFETs designed for high-voltage, fast-switching applications. Their unique die structure supports high voltage with comparatively low on-resistance and gate charges. The low switching losses, innately high-reliability die design, and increased power output make them ideal for solar power inverters, electric vehicle inverters, and switch mode power supplies.


  • Low on-resistance relative to VDS maximum
  • High blocking voltage
  • Fast switching speeds


  • Low switching losses
  • Innately high-reliability die design
  • Increased power output


Product Brief

Available Worldwide

Ideal Applications:

alternative energy inverters
security devices
switch-mode power supplies
power factor correction