Up to 650V capability in space-saving DFN and chip scale packaging.


Central Semiconductor's Gallium Nitride (GaN) N-Channel FETs combine high voltage capability with low rDS(ON) and are designed for soft-switching applications with high efficiency standards. The space-saving DFN and chip scale packaging is ideal for application in high power wireless charging, Power Factor Correction (PFC), and electric vehicle inverters. These GaN FETs are offered in 100V that supports 60A or 650V that supports 11A or 17A. 40V supporting 20A or 50A and bare dies are available upon demand.


  • High voltage capability
  • Low gate charge & rDS(ON) as low as 3.2mΩ
  • Efficient fast switching


  • Minimal power loss in conduction
  • High frequency switching capability
  • No reverse recovery loss

Available Worldwide

Ideal Applications:

motor control
PFC boost converter
high power rectification
security devices
industrial controllers
LED lighting
industrial motor drives
power factor correction
built-in power supplies
fast chargers
alarm systems
5G telecom power supplies
high power surge protection