CFSH01-30L Low Profile Schottky Diode

CFSH01-30L Low Profile Schottky Diode

30V, 100mA | ideal for the most demanding space-constrained applications


The Central Semiconductor CFSH01-30L is a high quality Schottky diode designed for applications where ultra small size and low forward voltage are critical design requirements.

Packaged in the SOD-882L package (0.4mm profile), this component provides performance characteristics optimized for logic level applications where board space is at a premium.

Device specifications and curves may be found on the product brief and datasheet.


  • Low forward voltage drop (300mV)
  • Low leakage current (800nA)
  • Low profile SOD-882L package (0.4mm)


  • Energy efficiency
  • Space-saving low profile package

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ideal applications:

DC-DC output rectification
charging port protection