CFTVS5V0BULC: Tiny but powerful circuit protection!

CFTVS5V0BULC: Tiny but powerful circuit protection!

5.0V, Bi-Directional Ultra Low Capacitance Transient Voltage Suppressor in SOD-882L package


Central Semiconductor's CFTVS5V0BULC is an ultra low capacitance, low leakage, fast response, bi-directional TVS in the space saving SOD-882L surface mount package. This device is designed to protect sensitive equipment connected to high speed data lines against ESD damage. The low 0.2pF maximum capacitance of the CFTVS5V0BULC is an essential characteristic in preventing signal degradation.


  • Ultra low capacitance
  • Low leakage current
  • 15kV ESD protection


  • Space-saving SOD-882L package
  • Data line signal integrity maintained at high speeds



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data line protection
user interface protection
charging port protection