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  > High Intensity
    Discharge (HID) Lamp

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps cast a large amount of light over a large area in an energy efficient manner. A key system function is the ballast which is required to start and sustain a controlled energy arc for the lamp. Central Semiconductor manufactures discrete components that maximize the efficiency, performance and reliability of today’s energy conscious HID ballast systems.

  > LED Driver      

The Solid State Lighting (SSL) market demands increased brightness, enhanced efficiency and smaller size. To address these challenges, Central has developed devices with increased power density which allow for higher current ratings in smaller packages and enhanced overall efficiency. The net result is smaller, brighter and more efficient lighting.

  > LED Driver with Dimmer      

The ability to effectively dim Solid State Lighting (SSL) is a technology challenge that has only recently been conquered. The TRIAC dimmer circuit with Power Factor Correction (PFC) is an example of modern technology making effective use of traditional dimming schemes. Central’s comprehensive portfolio facilitates both energy efficiency improvements and component size reductions for today’s most demanding dimmable lighting solutions.

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  > Low Voltage LED      

Low voltage LED solutions are quickly becoming the standard technology for interior accent, counter top and display lighting applications. Small form factor and energy efficient semiconductors are critical design elements of these lighting solutions. Central Semiconductor manufactures a wide array of small form factor / low profile discrete semiconductors that optimize energy efficiency for use in these emerging lighting solutions.

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