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extremely efficient manufacturing
wafer processing & device assembly

Central's extremely efficient manufacturing process uses carefully selected and approved foundries and assembly plants. High speed automated wafer probe, production testing, and marking & taping equipment are all features of Central's manufacturing model. Before assembly, wafers are 100% tested in a Class 1000 Cleanroom. After assembly, devices are again 100% tested.

Central's concern for the environment is evidenced by its commitment to
manufacturing lead (Pb) free devices.

Class 1000 Cleanroom



product packing

Completed devices are supplied in bulk, ammopak or on tape & reel, and then packed in cartons. All devices are shipped to customers around the globe from Central's Hauppauge, Long Island, New York headquarters, located approximately
50 miles/80 kilometers east of Manhattan.

Taping and reeling of finished devices


inventory & shipping

To reduce production lead times during customers' peak demand cycles, Central maintains a substantial volume of wafers and finished goods in its warehouse. The benchmark for satisfactory on-time shipping is nothing less than 100%, and performance is constantly evaluated to that standard.

Shipping Area
Warehouse of finished goods

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