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Leaded (through hole) devices selection guide

Central continues to provide discrete semiconductors in leaded (Through hole) packages.


The selection guide listed below is categorized by product family below in a PDF format.
Click here to order a printed selection guide catalog.

Product Family Index:
Small Signal Transistors Power Transistors Junction FETs
RF Transistors Diodes Zener Diodes
Current Limiting Diodes Rectifiers Bridge Rectifiers

Small Signal Transistors    
TO-18 Metal Case TO-72 Metal Case TO-92 Plastic Case
TO-39 Metal Case TO-71 Dual, Metal Case TO-92 Plastic Case with Heat Sink
TO-46 Metal Case TO-78 Dual, Metal Case TO-116 Quad, Plastic Case

RF Transistors    
TO-39 Metal Case TO-72 Metal Case  

Power Transistors    
TO-3 Metal Case TO-202 Plastic Case TO-220 Plastic Case
TO-66 Metal Case TO-218 Plastic Case TO-237 Plastic Case
TO-126 Plastic Case    

Junction FETs    
RF Amplifiers Low Frequency/Low Noise Amplifiers Switches and Choppers

Switching Low Leakage High Voltage
  Low Leakage (Pico Amp) Schottky

Zener Diodes    
Zener Diodes Temperature Compensated
Zener Diodes
Transient Suppressors

Current Limiting Diodes    
Standard High Current  

General Purpose Fast Recovery Ultra Fast Recovery

Bridge Rectifiers    
General Purpose Fast Recovery Controlled Avalanche

SCRs Diacs Triacs
SBS (Silicon Bilateral Switch)   UJTs

For additional information, please contact your Central sales representative.