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Discrete Semiconductor Sample Kits

Central Semiconductor provides the following sample kits to qualified designers to help support their new product development. Datasheets are available from the Learn More link below. Custom sample kits are available upon request. < Click here for a PDF summary sheet >


> Current Limiting Diodes

     The Current Limiting Diodes kit includes Central Semiconductor’s newest SOD-123FL packaged devices most commonly used in applications requiring the precise regulation of current.



> SMD Rectifiers

     This kit includes a variety of popular SMD Rectifiers ranging from a 40V bridge to
     1000V, 3A Ultra Fast recovery rectifier.



> Low Power SMD

     This kit includes Schottky diodes, Low VF diodes, small signal MOSFETs small
     signal transistors and current limiting diodes ideal for a wide variety applications.



> Bridge Rectifers

     This kit includes samples of Central Semiconductor's most commonly used bridge rectifiers.



> Small Signal MOSFETs

    This kit includes Central's full range of small signal MOSFETs ideal for a variety of applications.



> Medium Power MOSFETs

    This kit includes Central's full range of Medium Power MOSFETs ideal for a variety of applications.



> Small Signal Transistors

     This kit contains a cross section of Central Semiconductor's small signal NPN and PNP biploar transistors      intended for general purpose switching and amplification applications.



> Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)

     This kit includes the latest and most popular devices designed to protect sensitive electronic components      from electro static discharge (ESD) or other spurious high voltage transients.



> Discrete semiconductors for LED Applications

     To support the leading new designs in LED lighting, Central provides this kit to assist with new
     product development.