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  Engineering Resources
Spice Models
    Central Semiconductor provides selected device SPICE models. Additional SPICE models are available upon request.


To search for a SPICE model by part number, please search the device you require, then select View under Additional Documents.

You can also view the list of existing SPICE models by device category.

    Package Details
    Package Details include: case mechanical dimensions, mounting pad geometry, tape and reel specifications, part marking and packing & shipping container specifications.


Pb-free Solder Reflow Profile
    This section provides the recommended Pb-free Reflow Soldering Temperature and Typical Pb-free Wave Soldering Temperature profiles.

Design Engineer Lab Kits
    Central Semiconductor provides Design Engineer Lab Kits at no charge.  These predefined kits consist of: a device selection guide, package details, and several samples of specific devices based on the kit type. If your design lab is would benefit from easy access to devices required during the design cycle, contact your Central sales representative today and ask about Central’s Lab Kit program.
    Sample Kits
    These compact kits are ideal for evaluating Central's discrete devices you are considering for your next design. Kit types include: MOSFETs, Current Limiting Diodes, and LED Lighting Applications. 10-15 samples of multiple devices are included, along with a quick electrical specifications guide on the inside cover.

Application Notes/White Papers
    Central Semiconductor has published several Applications Notes articles and white papers.
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