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Diminishing Source Product Support

Central manufactures more than 2,200
drop-in replacement devices to meet customers' demands for diminishing source and End of Life (EOL) products. As long as there is industry demand, Central will continue to manufacture devices deemed EOL by other manufacturers and will continue to add new devices to the Diminishing Source Product Support list. The Diminishing Source Product Support program helps customers to extend products' life cycles without costly redesigns.

  special, selected or custom

Special, selected, and custom devices make up 12% of Central's sales mix. Central is always eager to evaluate the feasibility of any customer requirement. Often these customer inquiries have led to new and exciting designs. These devices are developed in three ways: by testing to selected parameters; by performing a special wafer diffusion to achieve the desired device characteristics; or by developing a custom device. Central's creativity in developing special, selected, and custom devices has solved many OEM design problems.

product samples

When samples of Central's products are needed, they are shipped by air at no expense to the customer. Each product sample includes a datasheet and any other required documentation.
  sample kits

For customers' convenience, Central also produces sample kits that include various devices within a specific family. Available kits include: Current Limiting Diodes, Schottky Diodes and Schottky Rectifiers. Central continues to develop new kits and welcomes customers' suggestions.

reference design support

Central provides outstanding support to designers at integrated circuit manufacturing companies such as Maxim, Intel, and National Semiconductor, all of whom need samples of discrete devices for their reference designs. At no cost, lab sample kits are custom configured to meet individual designer's requirements for the most commonly utilized devices. This highly successful program puts Central's devices in designers' hands for immediate use, eliminating any delay between idea and design testing.

Central Semiconductor's discrete semiconductors perform critical functions in a wide array of the most popular industrial and consumer electronic products.

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