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Central Semiconductor Corp. Statement and Policy regarding Counterfeit Components

Counterfeit products in the semiconductor industry are a serious and widespread problem. According to various industry experts, counterfeiting continues to plague the electronics supply chain and is escalating despite measures taken by governments and industry associations to limit it.

The illegal act of manufacturing or distributing counterfeit devices adversely affects the Central Semiconductor brand and the value of our products. As a manufacturer of excellent quality, highly reliable discrete semiconductors for over forty years, we are committed to protecting our reputation and our customers by helping to combat this growing concern. Accordingly, to ensure authentic Central Semiconductor devices, we strongly encourage and recommend that customers purchase only through our authorized channels: directly from Central Semiconductor Corp., through a franchised or authorized distributor, or by contacting an authorized manufacturer’s representative for Central Semiconductor products. Additionally, only purchases made through these authorized channels will be supported and warrantied.