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The new Central Semiconductor CMXSTB200, CMXSTB300, and CMXSTB400 types are very low voltage multi-chip diodes with extremely stable forward voltage characteristics. These devices are ideal for voltage regulation, sensing, and comparing applications requiring a guaranteed voltage over a wide current range and highly stable over temperature.
In addition, these devices packaged in the surface mount SOT-26 case are cost effective alternatives to the 1N4156, 1N4157, and 1N5179 leaded types.
Special selection of the DC parameters including VF at various test conditions is available on special order.
  • New SMD Stabistors
    These new stabistors are low voltage zener diodes.
    Central Part Number
    CMXSTB200 1.2V Low Voltage Stabistor SOT-26
    CMXSTB300 1.8V Low Voltage Stabistor
    CMXSTB400 2.5V Low Voltage Stabistor

       For additional information please contact your local sales representative.